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Facilities Upgrades & Modification

Future-Proofing Facilities throughout the United States

As restoration specialists, our craftsmen at Buckeye Construction & Restoration work hard to develop solutions that make your facility last longer and better meet your needs long into the future. Whether you are looking to change the use of your building, increase capacity, retrofit for modern utilities, or rejuvenate the internal structure, we can deliver industry-leading facility upgrades and modifications to help.

Our team understands how demanding upgrades and modifications can be—usually requiring extensive planning, clear coordination, and precise execution. That is why our trusted specialists prioritize safety, communication, quality, and production—going over every detail of your project to ensure exceptional results.

We are facility upgrade and modification specialists, offering services such as:

  • Equipment pads, pits, and foundations
  • Wall and roof openings, infills, and reinforcement
  • Floor reinforcement and overlays
  • Cast in place, post tensioned, and precast concrete modifications
  • Brick, block, and stone modification
  • Supplemental reinforcement and strengthening
  • Sealing, water repellant, and high-performance coating services
  • Tuckpointing and joint replacement
  • EIFS repair and patchingFiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) and Fiber Reinforced Cement Matrix (FRCM) reinforcement
  • And more!

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Expanding the Usability & Lifespan of Your Building

Our team at Buckeye Construction & Restoration has years of experience helping properties expand and renovate to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. We meet challenges head on, approaching every project with our renowned hard-working attitude and keen eye for detail.

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